School Uniforms – The Need for It

Published: 03rd February 2011
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School uniforms - whether it is important in schools or not has long been the subject of speculation among many people. There are people who support the use of school uniforms and there are also some who criticize the use as not being a way to solve discipline problems in schools. But those in support of it have plenty of reasons to hold. In fact, many schools around the world are now adopting the policy of school uniforms because of the advantages it offers to school authorities.

Advantages of school uniforms

Schools facing discipline problems are now opting for school uniforms as a part of their strategies to make their school progress. Here are some of the benefits that schools may enjoy on adopting a school uniform policy:

School Safety - The first and foremost benefit of school uniforms is that they help develop school safety. It becomes easier to identify any intruder in the school. Plus, kid’s school uniforms reduce school violence because of dress. Every year, it is estimated that many school kids get beaten up for their dresses from other kids or for the color of the dress. Uniforms can help stop this dress related gang violence. School uniforms prevent the risk of theft as students won’t be allowed to wear expensive dresses and accessories.

Equality Among Students - Another advantage of school uniforms is that it promotes a sense of equality among students. Since, everyone wears the same dress; students won’t be able to differentiate between themselves on the basis of clothes. As a result, students won’t feel the pressure to buy luxurious clothes. Thus, a positive environment of friendship is created.

Moderate costing - School uniforms are a big relief to parents as they don’t have to buy expensive outfits for their children. Again, school uniforms are less expensive than branded clothes.

School Spirit - Wearing provocative clothes in class can lead to lot of distractions. But school uniforms reduce the distractions and help children focus on school work only. Encouraging students to concentrate on school work instead of fashion may help to improve the spirit of the school. Lack of distraction in class will help students to increase their attention on school work. As a result, the overall performance in school is increased. Moreover, students will also feel the professionalism of school by wearing school uniforms.

All these advantages have prompted many schools all over the world to go for school uniforms instead of casual dressing. Most of the school principals have changed their views on uniforms and accept the fact that uniforms really do have a positive effect on the overall spirit of the school.

The other side

Since, most of the schools are thinking about the school uniform option, the debate about whether uniforms curb the individuality of students continues. Most of the critics of school uniforms have the view that uniforms don’t allow students to express themselves which individual dressing does. Many parents and students argue that their right to individuality is breached. But, they need to understand the reasons behind the school’s policy to implement uniforms. There are indeed many different ways to express oneself rather than self expression through fashion.

Finally, uniforms in school are really an advantage in lots of ways. That is why; many public schools too are going for uniforms to improve safety and discipline.

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